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At Amisa, we provide the entire spectrum of Integrated services in Lighting Solutions whether it is getting involved with the architects at the conception stage to build lighting design as an integrated part of the project, defining technical specifications, supplying and installing quality lighting products during the execution stage, providing value-engineering services at any stage in order to help re-align the project objectives and costs with changing market dynamics and conducting light audits with comprehensive reports for the existing installations.

Our product & service portfolio covers the entire range of lighting needs, including Outdoor and Indoor/Interior lighting for Residential, Commercial, Retail, Hospitals, Parks, Roads & Streets, Parking, Tunnel, Industrial, Sports Complexes, Lighting Controls, Emergency, Central Battery Systems, etc.

Lighting Design & Specification

We have applied our Lighting Design and Specification expertise to diverse projects worldwide, including museums, performing arts centers, and religious & cultural institutions, high-end commercial developments, as well as hospitality and residential projects. We adopt a Creative and practical approach to Lighting Design and Consultancy with an emphasis on Visual Appeal, Ease of Installation and Maintenance, Value Engineering and Ecological Sustainability.

Control systems Design & Specification

Our core strength is in offering comprehensive, reliable solutions in Intelligent Lighting Control Systems. “Our skills and experience help us design and implement the most optimum control system for any lighting control scenario irrespective of scale.

Sourcing & Supply

We supply Light fixtures and Control Systems to match and surpass the vision of Lighting Designers and the specifications of consultants. We have partnered with some of the best known manufacturers and suppliers of high quality, certified Light Fixtures and Control Systems from across the world.


    Ceiling lights

    Ceiling lights set the tone for an entire room`s sense of style. Whether you choose a bold statement piece or a minimalist design, your lighting fixture will help tell your room`s story while providing light to comfortably perform tasks and move through the space safely.


    There are many different types of wall lights that serve a large variety of functions. They can provide task light in a bathroom, ambient light in a dining room, or general light in a hallway. No matter what type of installation, wall lights add a warmth and elegance to any space.


    First impressions are important, and the entryway into your home can say so much about you and your style. Invite people in with a flair. The perfect fixture choice will make those first impressions safe and stylish. It`s simpler than you think.


    Your yard is an extension of your home, so don`t forget about lighting when you are designing your outside oasis. Adding lighting to your garden plan will extend your living space and create a beautiful scene no matter the season.


    When choosing lighting, consider the mood you want to create and the tasks performed in the room. Then choose the appropriate fixtures in a style that complements your decor. Most rooms are used for multiple activities, and the right fixture can help you define zones.


    LED lighting offers many benefits and features that were difficult, if not impossible, to offer with other lighting technologies. Many of the obvious benefits, such as substantial operating energy and cost reductions, longer life and lower overall heat generation are generally well known. The future is here when it comes to LED in ligh

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